Guy Food

Guy Food

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guy Food Can't Get any Better

When it comes to guy food, I am talkin meat and cheese and giardiniera relish. I have to say that Potbellies has a good one unless I am makin it myself. As soon as I make some, I will let you know. When it comes to cookin, I am kind of a loose cannon in the kitchen which means that its gets wild and though the results are awesomely good, its after I am done that looks bad.

I have lots of surface to clean up, spills to wipe and jars of sauce to put away. It is kind of kitchen brawl between me and the ingredients. I want just about everything hot and spicy to go in and the hesitation I have at the get go is eventually done away with.

It comes down to this, you will need a hot skillet (using a tbs of coconut oil), good quality ground beef and bacon which all gets blackened as you sear the meat; finishing with melted cheese. Lay that daddy on a toasted Kaiser roll or my new fashion for using organic rosemary and garlic bread sliced thick.

Finally, a generous topping of hot sauce (s), and lots of giardiniera relish. That's it except for a cold beer to wash it all down.

Here's to ya~

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