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Guy Food

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You want gravy on that?

Its been awhile since I blogged you, but hey cooking and eating takes time. So, I have been busy doing both and given the later, it takes time to digest; especially, if we are talking gravy. Just back from a trip down south and gravy doesn't get any better than southern white gravy made on bacon or some kind of pork grease.

What is or can be a surprise for most northerners is that gravy gets put on just about everything. I guess its like the French who put 'sauce' on everything. For instance, I was in a nice local restaurant with my wife and mother. The waitress came round to take our orders and and we ordered. My wife wanted the grilled fish with mashed potatoes and coleslaw and of course the waitress said "Now you want gravy on that" and my wife said, "No thanks". The waitress looked at her and said, "Are you sure you don't want gravy on that". My wife said "No thanks" a second time. The waitress looked at her as if she were from a different planet.

Now, for myself and my mom, we integrated. I had chicken fried steak with gravy and my mom had pork tenderloin with gravy. My wife is a great cook, in fact she is the brainy gourmet in my book. She loves fish and likes mashed potatoes with butter or sour cream. In her brainy head, gravy, especially the kind served down south, is what she would put on biscuits in the morning but not on grilled fish with mashed potatoes.

When we looked about around the restaurant, just about everyone had gravy. So, my wife was feeling a bit left out. I ended up giving her a taste of my gravy so that she could feel part of the culture. She said, "best on biscuits". I agreed to keep the harmony between us.

But hey... when in Rome do as the Romans and I love gravy. I could put gravy on just about everything.
So, I ordered a blackberry cobbler for desert and asked for gravy and guess what ... the waitress looked at me and said, "Don't think you want to do that." LOL

 just keep it comin...

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