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Guy Food

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Its Been Awhile... but Iam a Busy Guy

Just getting over the holidays. Too much good food to mention. But, thought I would start the new year right by providing a list of food to pair with beer.  I just figured it would be good to get the juices flowing since Spring is two months away... well a bit a head of myself but I can hardly wait.

1- Cheese, right go figure... you thought cheese only went with wine. A sharp acidic cheese is served best with an acidic beer such as Belgian Gueuze *as recommended.  Me personally, I would go with a sharp cheddar and Pale ale.

2- Shellfish needs a spicy beer in my opinion. I would go with a microbrew with a citrus perk something like a Summer Shandy.

3- Smoked foods or fish need a semi-dry hearty ale preferably on tap. Unless, we are talking smoked and sweet barbecued foods then a more salty Pilsner to counter the sweetness of the barbecue sauce.

4-Fish needs only a clean Pilsner or golden lager by its side.

5- White meats go well with Pilsners too or try a nutty beer like a Black Walnut to boast about.

6-  Beef needs a dark red beer with a hearty reserve as it leaves the palette.

7- Pizza, well anything on tap is alright with me... after all we talking pizza.

8- Desert, only a raspberry or pear infused malt will do.

9- Chocolate, any good stouts and or just a Guinness!
10-  Biscuits/cookies or a candy bar, I can only think of a dark ale with a creamy prune flavor. 

*The list provided here contains some recommendations by Beverly Carnahan.

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