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Guy Food

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another Salmon Day at the Lake House!

I've always wanted a lake house. Even when you can't have what you want, you can make the most of what you have....

My last post was about salmon and today as well. This time, paired with a gorgeous slice of prime rib and blackened asparagus which I happened to love. For me, the key to this extraordinary meal is the combination of these three topped with clarified butter which simply means... melted butter served hot but not boiling hot.

Its a real treat, a made at home kind of surf and turf. The prime rib was left over from Sunday, the salmon fresh caught of course... told to me by the fish monger and the asparagus from the open air market but when my harvest comes in it will be from the garden in the backyard.

I always sear the salmon in olive oil and some herbs: rosemary, mint and oregano. Also, a little garlic powder and sea salt. The rib was simple heated in the skillet after the asparagus ~ Amazingly delicious! In fact, so good I almost ate every bit before capturing a photo to share with you.

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