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Guy Food

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Days ~ French Fries

What guy or gal does not love french fries. For sure the best way to eat potatoes and other veggies. I come from the generation when Happy Meals were at the top of any kids food hierarchy. I still say that McD fries are among the best.

Then as I grew into my teens, cheesy fries baked with cheddar cheese and topped with bacon crispy crumbs.

Now, that I am older, I am trying new ways to eat and enjoy french fries. Here are some that will capture your taste buds - from the top: Rutabaga, plantains, and zucchini.

and of course, a batch of homemade is always comfort food

almost forgot... a batch of butternut for my sweetie, my one and only brainy gourmet

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