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Guy Food

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Brainy Guy is Baking Cookies

Yeah, Brainy Guys bake cookies...

I am here to tell you that I like mine fat and full of chocolate chips. There is no one secret recipe. All you need to know is the chemistry of ingredients, how they work together and the results you can expect. So, if you are like me and like em thick and chewy then lay off the sugar and no baking soda.  I never use melted butter. I go with one stick salted and half cup brown sugar with 1/4 cup granulated. One egg and half tsp. baking powder and one full tsp of vanilla extract.  Since the butter is salted, there is no need to add more.
Altogether, I am somewhere between more flour, baking powder and chilled when I make my batch. You can experiment... after no cookie ever goes uneaten in our house.

Take a look!

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