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Guy Food

Monday, March 16, 2015

Always Good to Cleanse after a Bold and Brave Weekend

Aside of eating what I like on weekends, I also spend the weekend the way I eat- boldly and bravely either hiking, biking or watching college ball. Since its March, of course, that meant I had to have chips and salsa as in 'super nachos' while watching this Sunday's Wisconsin vs. Michigan game. Which... by the way, was the most incredibly 'Boldly' played college game I ever saw!

I like to keep the salsa on the side. If you don't make your own, I can suggest your local deli; mine always has fresh made.

Now, as you may already presume, the nachos weren't bold enough for one weekend; before the game, I had a super awesome delicious afternoon dinner of wild caught salmon and fettuccine with my sweetie made by my sweetie - the incredible brainy gourmet.

Today, cleansing... using this one I found online some time ago, its simple and tasty!

Tomato Lemon Parsley Cleansing Detox Juice

5 tomatoes
1 lemon
1 bunch parsley
Process the tomatoes into a puree, add fresh squeezed lemon and chopped parsley Pour into a glass and stir well before drinking. Supposedly, this is a very cleansing juice that will detoxify your body and boost your immunity to illness and help your skin glow. Never felt any glowing of my skin but certainly felt refreshed.

*P.S. makes a great Bloody Mary starter.

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