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Guy Food

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Left Overs Interacting = Comfort Foods

I always feel good when I can make something out of left overs. Today, left over au jus was used to make Swiss Steak which definitely goes with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. I like things to be compatible... Yeah everything exists in compatibility mode. When left overs are in the right combination as in many worlds interacting, you get comfort food. That's how I think of it. To begin, sauteed onion in olive oil, sliced thickly some lean top round steak, and added au jus and then some tomato paste to let simmer.

I love mashed potatoes, in fact I think I could eat a mountain of them. Making mashed potatoes is as easy as pie - though don't ever expect me to do pie crust. As for taters... it is just a matter of peeling, boiling and mashing. Your simmering steak should be getting into a nice red gravy. Mmm, that aroma was overpowering me. Its tough cookin and being hungry. Anyway, I am so glad I had farfalle yesterday, cause that left over pasta is tonight's mac and cheese. I just pour on heavy cream, lay on some butter and slices of cheddar - microwave.

There you go! Many worlds interacting = Comfort food.

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