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Guy Food

Monday, March 9, 2015

Cactus Bloom Onion and a Pulled Pork

What would the weekend without a little indulgence in some yummy yummy food? 

Well, I like things gooey and I like things fried too. So, deep fried onion and a pulled pork 'out' seemed like a nice treat for me and my sweetie who is a great cook and blogs about it and I brag about it. 
We headed to the roadhouse with a couple we know and to have a real good time.  I like to order things that I don't make at home either because I don't like the mess that goes with it or because it is time consuming or I just like when someone else makes it for me and the mess is theirs. Deep friend onion and pulled pork are two of those things. We both agree, me and my sweetie, on that and so we when we go out we like to rate different places for the best of these.

Cactus 'Bloomin' Onion ~ I never did this myself but have watched and here is what it looks like.

Now, as for a really great pulled pork, its got to be gooey and juicy at the same time.

FYI ~ Still Prefer and Love Eatin at Home! It's always cheaper and you are not rushed. I call cookin at home ~ slow foodin.

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