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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Goin All Out Paleo!

Sausage and Beef Jerky ~ definitely Paleo!

So, I am gettin my bad on and goin all out Paleo. What guy doesn't love beef jerky, sausages, and kabanos.

Beef jerky is dried meat.
Dried meats are an ancient food. American Indians dried buffalo meat and I read that they even mixed fat with berries, spread it on the meat rolled it and dried it that way. Sounds like what we might call today - Fruit Roll Up.

I am sure I don't have to explain what sausage is. This ground meat is bought in a casing and is a large part of an everyday American Guy 'like me' diet. There are many kinds and lots of different ways to cook em up. Grilled sausages make a great sandwich and some 'Andouille' go well with penne and tomato sauce or with shrimp and rice as in ~ Jambalaya.

and forgot to mention how well sausage goes with meatballs.

Just about every ethnicity makes some kind of sausage. I just love going to the Polish Deli and drooling over the variety of smoked and uncooked sausage links. I like blood sausage too which is a poor man's as in peasant's sausage. Cajun and Louisiana folk eat a wonderful sausage called Boudin; the noir is a blood sausage and the Boudin blanc is without blood. Most sausage we get in the store comes from pork. But, I have had some of the best sausage ever coming from venison.

Boudin ~ noir

Boudin ~ blanc

Lastly, you are probably wondering what is kabanos. It is a long thin dry sausage made of pork or veal. They are smoky in flavor and can be soft or very dry in texture. In Poland, they have some that you can buy soft or very dry. I like it when they are very dry and shriveled on the outside; then when you bite in, they just ooze with juicy fat.

 And, who doesn't like brats roasted over an open fire.

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