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Guy Food

Friday, March 13, 2015

Guys need Bran and Grams!

Jelly - "You should get more roughage in your diet doc. A bran muffin in the morning would help that"... 

I did not know that the idea of eating healthy as the way to well being belongs to Christians who more than any other group in this country had/have consciously considered and practiced controlled diet as a means for a longer and a more virtuous healthy life. As recorded... It began with Sylvester Graham a Presbyterian minister who lived from the early to mid 1800s. He spent his adult life trying to convince Americans that white bread was weakening the nation. Reverend Graham's solution, instead of white bread, was to eat a coarse brown bread and or whole-wheat crackers - Graham Crackers!

I like bran muffins, so yeah... I eat one from time to time. As for 'gram' crackers, best as a s'more...
or better yet~ Golden Graham Macaroni Cheesecake!  That's 'kilyn' two birds with one stone... think I misread that blog recipe. But hey, every cheesecake has a graham cracker crust! Now, the brainy gourmet makes the best creamy dreamy cheesecake I ever had!

*Source ~ Advertising in America: The First 200 Years. Harry N. Abrams. Inc. publishers NY

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