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Guy Food

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Intuitive Eating

I've heard that intuitive eating is the healthy way to eat. I think it means that you use your inner being 'a sixth sense' to determine what is good for you and what is bad. I like to use my eyes and nose. If it don't look good or smell good, it isn't going to be good. Now, looks mean alot to a guy. If the food does not look  good as in gooey or juicy or thick and sticky or hot and tender then forget it... yeah, I can tell. Its like a piece of meat that just stands there on the plate looking like a hunk of leather, it won't be tender. Smell is very important. So, if it smells bad like cooked broccoli and cabbage does, then I won't be eating it.

Some people these days get all bent out of shape about eating meat, fat and carbs; but Hey, they just go together. When you put those things together, let me tell you that you are gonna have a cheeseburger on a kaiser that will knock your socks off. That's part my intuition and my experience.

You know my grandma ate everything and had a glass of wine too (every night) but nobody back then was countin. She lived into her 90s. I guess she ate intuitively... I think that the stress of dieting is enough to put you away. Relax, enjoy your food. I do!

Afterwards, I hear that this veggie drink is a fat burner... so there ya go. Gonna have my cake and eat it too!

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